I have been posting regularly on this blog for over nine years, beginning in July 2007. I have used this blog as a way to keep my book Computational Organic Chemistry current for its readers. I have also used it as a way for me to keep current with the literature.

It has been a terrific adventure for me, but an important change will be taking place in my life that will have an impact on the blog. Starting on August 1, 2016 I will become the Dean of the School of Science at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. (See the announcement.) I am extraordinarily excited to take on the challenges of leading the School. I suspect that my duties as Dean will keep me from finding the time to post as often as I have been for this past years. I will try to occasionally write a post as I intend to keep connected to the computational chemistry community. I have a few posts backlogged but expect a more infrequent posting schedule come August.

I fully intend to maintain the blog so that past posts remain accessible.

I want to thank all of the readers of this blog, those who read me through the Computational Chemistry Highlights blog, and especially those of you who have posted comments.