The old EMSL Gaussian Basis Set Order Form ( has now been updated to include a very nice interface. The new service is called Basis Set Exchange and is available at

This new service is built off of web 2.0 tools. Most critically, the basis sets are now stored in an XML format that builds upon Chemical Markup Language (CML). Not only can users get a wide variety of basis sets for most elements, basis set developers can upload their basis sets for curation and delivery. The design and implementation of this service is described in a recent article.1


(1) Schuchardt, K. L.; Didier, B. T.; Elsethagen, T.; Sun, L.; Gurumoorthi, V.; Chase, J.; Li, J.; Windus, T. L., “Basis Set Exchange: A Community Database for Computational Sciences,” J. Chem. Inf. Model 2007, 47, 1045-1052, DOI: 10.1021/ci600510j.