The much publicized failure of common DFT methods to accurately describe alkane isomer energy and bond separation reactions (which I have blogged about many times) has recently been attributed to long-range exchange1 (see this post) or simply just DFT exchange2 (see this post). Grimme now responds by emphatically claiming that it is a failure in accounting for medium-range electron correlation.3

First, Grimme notes that the bond separation energy for linear alkanes (as defined in
Reaction 1) is underestimated by HF, and slightly overestimated by MP2, but SCS-MP2 provides energy in nice agreement with CCSD(T)/CBS energies. Since MP2 adds in coulomb correlation to the HF energy (which treats exchange exactly within a one determinant wavefunction), the traditional wavefunction approach strongly suggests a correlation error.

CH3(CH2)mCH3 + mCH4 → (m+1)CH3CH3        Reaction 1

Next, bond separation energies computed with PBE and BLYP (which lack exact exchange), PBE0 (which has 25% non-local exchange) and BHLYP (which has 50% non-local exchange) are all similar and systematically too small. So, exchange cannot be the culprit. It must be correlation.

He also makes two other interesting points. First, inclusion of a long-range correction – his recently proposed D3 method4 – significantly improves results, but the bond separation energies are still underestimated. It is only with the double-hybrid functional B2PLYP and B2GPPLYP that very good bond separation energies are obtained. And these methods do address the medium-range correlation issue. Lastly, Grimme notes that use of zero-point vibrational energy corrected values or enthalpies based on a single conformation are problematic, especially as the alkanes become large. Anharmonic corrections become critical as does inclusion of multiple conformations with increasing size of the molecules.


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